The Possibilities of Video Strategy

Warm welcome, everybody. This week we’ve got some articles on the possibilities at your fingertips with video. And–a small treat.

By now you know that video is ridiculously effective and can be easily shared throughout your social networks. People are much more likely to watch a good two minute video than to read your 5 page blog post, for instance. We’ve done some posts on video basics before, so what we have for you below are some articles that give a practical testament to the power of online video, along with the most recent ideas circulating in the video marketing world.

If you’ve never done video or are slightly intimidated by it, you shouldn’t worry. If nothing else, use this information to make you think about your social strategies. Consider whether or not video is something you want to focus on.

One note: So we thought it would be silly to have a post on video marketing without a video, but after searching Youtube for a quality video on the topic, we couldn’t find anything legitimate. So, we’re going with an example. And the best we could think of is, you guessed it, the new Old Spice videos. Gotta love ‘em. Video below.


7 Video Opportunities You May Have Missed. Have you (1) made how to’s, (2) sought the big names, (3) thought of in-video sponsorship, (4) …?

How Video Can Increase Mobile Site Conversion. Year of mobile. Year of mobile. Year of mobile. The mobile video attention span is shorter (consider fifteen to thirty second videos), which means less time for you and more time for the viewer on your mobile app, bringing them closer to making a purchase. This and other great ideas at the link.

4 Innovative Ways to use Web Video For small Businesses. Four cool and slightly quirky examples of people doing catchy things with few resources.

YouTube Facts: 10 things you may not have known. From Mashable, this is mostly a fun, historical kind of article about Youtube. Of particular note is the number of tweets a second that contain Youtube video links in them.

YouTube tops Twitter, Facebook in User Satisfaction. From MarketingProfs, we have some way cool stats showing that people are more likely to recommend Youtube than any other social network.

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