1. HOW TO: Get More Facebook Fans

    On our Facebook fan page poll the other week, we asked you folks what you’d like to learn more about, what your current challenges are in social media. We had a lot of people saying they wanted to learn how to get more Facebook fans, so we’ve collected a slew of articles here for you that either share stories of how a company got so many fans or give some concrete, proven directions when it comes to getting more people to click that “like” button.

    It’s important to remember that getting more fans isn’t the point of social media. It’s a necessary part of it. You want the right fans, and you want to engage them in the right way. A large part of getting more fans is to have a solid, well-kept, helpful, interesting Facebook page. So never sacrifice quality of content for numbers. Everybody’s gotta start somewhere.


    Oh yeah, two notes. Firstly, there are a lot of people out there telling you that you can buy more Facebook fans from them. It’s ridiculous, and don’t do it. Unless of course you’re hiring on a professional, reputable company who is helping you build a social media strategy. Otherwise, stick to doing social media well. It’ll pay off.

    Secondly, a couple of these first articles are old (the dinosaur ages of 2009 and 2010). This isn’t because we’re unhip–hey, we read Slate–but because the trouble of getting more fans has been around since pages were introduced. So some of the information is outdated, but know we chose these articles because they are still useful, and the tips are still relevant/still hold. And there you doubted us for a second.

    How To Develop A Facebook Page That Attracts Millions. Now this article doesn’t actually tell you how to get a million fans (and for a small business, we’re not sure that’s what you’re aiming for). Aaaaand it’s also from 2009, but that shouldn’t deter you. Even if it is one of those articles telling you what a facebook fan page is, we checked through all 10 tips and all 10 tips still hold. Call it goin’ retro. It works.

    21 Creative Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fan Base. Quick tips: use video, cross-post to other social media outlets, print (people still walk around in the real world from time to time).

    How To Get Facebook Fans: The Easy Way and the Hard Way. This article focuses on Facebook advertising and why it’s a route worth taking. From January 2011.

    9 Best Ways to Increase Facebook Fans. Some additional, more current ideas on some solid, proven methods of getting more fans.There’s some overlap, but call it reinforcement.

    The Top 5 Ways to Stand Out On Facebook. This one is less directly focused on getting more fans, but talks about how to be a good brand on Facebook. You do that, and people will like you, link to you, and trust us, you’ll see the fan count rise.

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  2. Social Media Roundup 2.4.11– Quora For Business

    Salutations, compadres. We’ve got your roundup for you, and this week we profile probably the hottest new thing in the social media market this new year (is it the next Foursquare?!), Quora.

    Quora is a question and answer website that might remind us of Facebook Questions, LinkedIn Q&A, Ask.com, and more. And you wouldn’t be too far off, but Quora has got some important differences, and some likely tempting implications for your business. Of particular, initial note, it requires correct spelling and grammar when people ask questions. Comforting, no? At least we got through that much.

    We’re rather self-satisfied with this group of articles and where it ends up, with the meaty “Social Media for Business, Not Social Media Hipsters” article. It’s worth it to take a look at several of these articles to make sure this isn’t you boat to catch before everyone’s on it.

    We want to hear from you–on our blog, on our Facebook wall, or tweet at us! What do you make of Quora? Is it all hype, or did somebody finally get it right?


    All About Quora

    Should I care about Quora: Mario Sundar suggests that Quora may not be for all business owners, but for those in the business of information (businesses that have blogs, twitter accounts), it could serve more useful than–or a strong supplement to–other current social media outlets.

    Is Quora The Next Red-Hot Web Startup?: Time covers some of the story of Quora, its ups and downs, and how the community of quora (intelligent, well informed individuals) is its core strength. Will it last is the primary question.

    Quora Booms, but Will Marketers Follow?: Clickz presents both B2B and B2C potential in Quora, as well as the idea that it could serve similar peer review functions to something like Yelp. “Consumers have already started to use Quora for feedback on products, restaurants, services, and more,” Spinks said. “A quick search of ‘restaurants in NYC’ will display a number of questions already asked by users…As Quora grows and reaches the less tech-savvy masses, the B2C value will only grow. This will be especially true if they open up their content to search engines, like they said they would a while back – but still haven’t as far as I know.”

    7 Reasons Why Quora Will Be Bigger Than Foursquare: Logic+Emotion gives a quick response to the Quora buzz, saying that the ultimate usefulness of knowledge from professionals and experts, among other things, may end up more appealing than 2010′s hot social media hit, Foursquare.

    Here’s What Makes Quora Better Than Other Q&A Services: Business Insider suggests that the specificity of Quora’s knowledge base is perhaps its biggest strength, even rivaling the everything-tyrant Google: “Quora seems to be a delightful indication of the beginning of the end of Google’s monopolization over search engines, at least in the search for very specific knowledge.”

    Social Media for Business, Not Social Media Hipsters: Chief Branding Officer Lisa Barone of Outspoken Media gets straight to the heart of what you’re looking for, and gives you several tangible ways you can use Quora for business. Teaser? Why, only just a little: Market Research, Vendor/Tool Vetting, Make Connections.


  3. Social Media Roundup: 12.30.10 – Place Your Bets, or 2011 Predictions

    Happy New Year’s Eve, world! We hope your year is seeing its way out in good health and spirit. This will be our last roundup of 2010, but we’ve got 52 more to look forward to next year. So stay tuned and we’ll keep rounding up the top stories in the social media world to help you stay up to speed with trends and developments that will enhance your online marketing strategy and experience.

    This week we take out our crystal ball and talk 2011. What can we expect or hope to see in the coming year? This year brought surprises, and we can only expect more in the coming months, so we look at what people are saying about digital advertising, news media, small business, and lastly, of course, social media. Needless to say, there are a lot of exciting prospects, so we’ll be interested to see how it all pans out.

    Be on the lookout every week in 2011 for news, tips from pros, reviews, emerging technology, and a whole bundle of thought-provoking articles on this ever-developing, exciting world of social media. Have a safe, fantastic holiday.

    10 Predictions For the News Media in 2011: Predictions galore, including some of the following—social media optimization will challenge SEO, mobile-first news organizations will emerge, interactive tv will rise up, and more niche content news sites will develop.

    5 Predictions for Small Business in 2011: social media will get focused in the new year, smartphones usage—already owned by 48% of business owners—will go up, and cloud computing—are you into it?

    6 Predictions for Digital Advertising in 2011: social web influencers will become celebrities; smaller, more intimate social connections will rise up; and brands will become more like media companies.

    10 Ways Social Media Will Change in 2011: video will be everywhere, companies will integrate social feedback into decision-making, ROI will be redefined, and some musings on the Next Big Social Network.

    Email, Social Media to See More Marketing Dollars in 2011:According to a November 2010 survey of business executives around the globe by StrongMail, nearly two-thirds of companies will increase spending on email marketing, and 57% will put more dollars toward social media marketing. Search took a distant third place with 41% of respondents indicating they would spend more.”