1. Start You Up With Content Marketing? Why surely!

    It’s the stuff of what you are, your essence, your worth and value–it’s your content. The thing that sets you apart from the next guy is your potential and what you produce and put out into the world with that potential. Getting a bit too philosophical for you? The word content starting to sound funny when you say it? Well let’s look at it this way:

    How is content marketing any different from product marketing? It is true that product is a kind of content, but content can mean a variety of things. It can mean a video, white papers, sharing a presentation on Slideshare, a blog post—in short, business generated, not-for-sale product. Most content takes the form of releasing information, expertise, or instruction to a viewer, reader, onlooker, what have you. Product marketing is, in the first place, trying to get you to purchase a product. While content marketing is, in short, driving you to consume and enjoy information that may be of use to you.

    Then what’s the point? Well, we’ve got some videos from the Neovia Summit last week premiering shortly, but for now suffice it to say that this kind of content marketing allows people to know, like, and trust your business–ultimately leading to sales. But, for the good of business, your heart has to be in the right place or you’re just another dude throwin’ ads in my face. Dig?

    But let’s put our feet back on the ground and dig our cleats into the turf. What we have here are a series of articles that demonstrate quality content marketing, and offer practical, bottom line advice on how to use it. Remember to check our Facebook page and Twitter for updates on when those videos are coming out.


    Three steps to generate higher ROI from content marketing. You’ll see the beginning of this article, which has some helpful stats on the efficacy of particular content marketing strategies. You can read the rest for a free membership, but hey, we’re not gonna make you.

    How 3 Companies Took Content Marketing to the Next Level. Learn from the best! Husbpot, mint.com, and American Express all chime in here.

    The Importance of Writing Well For Social Media Content. We know it’s important to write well (DoNt wEee!!!^&) in any circumstance, but why does that sentiment seem to evaporate in some social media contexts? Humanities students unite! Writing makes the social world go round after all.

    5 Step Model For A Killer B2B Content Marketing Strategy. These guys really do have an impressive content marketing model, from extensive planning to evaluation. Take a note or two, and, when considering content you’d like to produce, think: what kind of content would I like to see as a social user?

    11 Ways to find new content for your social strategy. Every businesses #1 worry in content marketing is? “What do I talk about?” Don’t worry, this happens to everybody, ourselves included. Luckily when Social Media Examiner had this problem, they decided to talk about what to do when they had that problem. Thanks SME!

    3 Advantages of Using Content Marketing for SEO. Something you certainly want to consider in your content marketing strategy.


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  2. HOW TO: Engage Facebook Fans

    Last week we showed you how to get Facebook fans. This week we show you how to keep them. Engagement is key in both of these endeavors. People aren’t interested in liking a page that no one else is interested in. Likewise, it’s hard to convince fans to stick around if there’s no party going on with your page. So that’s one way to think about it–make sure your Facebook page is a constant party.

    In addition, look: what’s social media about? Here’s a good answer–building relationships. Relationships? Engagements?! This sounds heavy! Not ready to commit? That’s fine, but when you’re able to have real conversations that you and your Other are both interested in, when you can be mutually helpful and supportive–well, you might just find yourself changing your relationship status to “married to my fans”. Jokes aside, if you want to have any success in social media, get your audience talking. How? We’re glad you asked.


    HOW TO: Improve Engagement On Your Brand’s Facebook Page. By far the most awesome thing you’ll read this week. Industry-specific tips based on real data of 200 companies over two weeks. The images are great, and should change your game for engagement in the coming weeks.

    How to Encourage Engagement on Facebook. Another outstanding article, bringing in the idea of contra-competitive posting and including an e-marketer graphic. Gotta love emarketer.

    16 ways To Get More Comments On Your Facebook Page. This article focuses on asking questions. What do you ask? How do you ask it? And, our personal input, always think of what exactly you’re trying to achieve when you do ask it.

    The 5 Golden Facebook Engagement Metrics. Metrics are key for finding out what to do. So we have two articles here for you. This one gives you the tips as well as examples for the things to do/watch for no matter the size of your business. If you keep just these 5 metrics in mind, then you’ve got a good start for progress.

    How to Measure Your Facebook Engagament. I mean, you could start counting comments and likes, but we’re not sure that’s really what you want to do. Facebook comes with some sophisticated analytics that allow you to see what works and what doesn’t. Remember that, in the end, past all the tips, do what works for you.

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  3. The Possibilities of Video Strategy

    Warm welcome, everybody. This week we’ve got some articles on the possibilities at your fingertips with video. And–a small treat.

    By now you know that video is ridiculously effective and can be easily shared throughout your social networks. People are much more likely to watch a good two minute video than to read your 5 page blog post, for instance. We’ve done some posts on video basics before, so what we have for you below are some articles that give a practical testament to the power of online video, along with the most recent ideas circulating in the video marketing world.

    If you’ve never done video or are slightly intimidated by it, you shouldn’t worry. If nothing else, use this information to make you think about your social strategies. Consider whether or not video is something you want to focus on.

    One note: So we thought it would be silly to have a post on video marketing without a video, but after searching Youtube for a quality video on the topic, we couldn’t find anything legitimate. So, we’re going with an example. And the best we could think of is, you guessed it, the new Old Spice videos. Gotta love ‘em. Video below.


    7 Video Opportunities You May Have Missed. Have you (1) made how to’s, (2) sought the big names, (3) thought of in-video sponsorship, (4) …?

    How Video Can Increase Mobile Site Conversion. Year of mobile. Year of mobile. Year of mobile. The mobile video attention span is shorter (consider fifteen to thirty second videos), which means less time for you and more time for the viewer on your mobile app, bringing them closer to making a purchase. This and other great ideas at the link.

    4 Innovative Ways to use Web Video For small Businesses. Four cool and slightly quirky examples of people doing catchy things with few resources.

    YouTube Facts: 10 things you may not have known. From Mashable, this is mostly a fun, historical kind of article about Youtube. Of particular note is the number of tweets a second that contain Youtube video links in them.

    YouTube tops Twitter, Facebook in User Satisfaction. From MarketingProfs, we have some way cool stats showing that people are more likely to recommend Youtube than any other social network.

    Got any questions? Get at us!




  4. Social Media Roundup 2.11.11– JobSeeking with LinkedIn

    Hey folks,

    We’ve got your weekly roundup for you, and this week it has a personal touch. I work for Neovia Solutions remotely in Providence, RI (because it’s great!) and I’m in my last semester at Brown University. Naturally, in a senior frenzy, I’m wondering what I’m going to do in my life. While it will almost positively be in Film and Motion Pictures, as per the LinkedIn category, I’ve got a lot of work to do. So I’ve decided to share some articles on LinkedIn and job hunting with you.

    So this week we’re trying to help those entering the job market or looking to make a move in the job market via LinkedIn. LinkedIn has got a plethora of tools, from Groups, to Skills, to the Online Resume Builder (and, if you haven’t seen this, the big JOBS section)–that are there to create an appropriate, acceptable environment to make yourself noticed should any recruiters come your way, or should you approach an individual yourself.

    We’ve done our best to make sure these articles are as recent as possible, but we caught a few oldies-but-goodies we think you’ll like as well.

    So be on the lookout every week for news, tips from pros, reviews, emerging technology, and a whole bundle of thought-provoking articles on this ever-developing, exciting world of social media.


    JobSeekers with Recommendations on LinkedIn get hired: We put this first to convince you we’re not just Joshin’ you. As this article elaborates on, JobSeekers on LinkedIn who had more recommendations moved faster through the LinkedIn systems, with over half of the sample having one or more LinkedIn recommendation.

    Profile Building, Basic and Advanced

    LinkedIn Tips for Job Hunters: LinkedIn expert Rob Mendez takes readers through the key points on building an attractive profile for employers. Though some standards should be kept–such as appropriate photos and names–it does end up in separating yourself from the rest, and he’s got some good tips to help you get there.

    Why Your LinkedIn Profile Isn’t Working: This article offers a few short, solid things that often go unnoticed in keeping up with your LinkedIn profile that can give you that extra boost if you become aware of them and work with them. I should be clear, there are different ideas here than in the other articles.

    Advanced LinkedIn Tips, “15 LinkedIn Tips to Help You Find a Job, Work Smarter, Boost Your Career”: I called this one Advanced LinkedIn Tips myself. While two of the other articles here go over basic techniques to get a solid profile, this one starts working past that and getting into some more sophisticated, next-level techniques. Do check it out.


    LinkedIn Tip: How To Discover The Hottest New Job Skills: Though the title to this article looks like it should be on Cosmo for CEO’s magazine, the content is what you should be looking for, because LinkedIn’s got a brand spankin’ new thing called Skills, and it lets you find out what skills are out there (to differentiate yourself and determine your competition) and allows job recruiters to find out, well, what skills you have.

    LinkedIn Career Explorer: Though released last October, I personally tried this last week and it was one of the scariest but helpful things I’ve done in my career search. It’s in beta form, but does a good job of suggesting many kinds of career paths within whatever industry you choose. I recommend taking it for a spin.

    Using LinkedIn Groups to Grow a Professional Network and Get A Job: It’s exactly what it says it is, and perhaps one of the stronger jobseeking methods on LinkedIn.

    Basics of LinkedIn Jobs: So this is one of those oldies-but-goodies, but it’s straight from the LinkedIn blog, so we feel excused.


    More, More, More!: Here are a bunch of additional links from LinkedInIntelligence.Com. Scroll down to the jobs section.

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  5. [VIDEO] How To: Optimize Your Facebook Links

    Posting links to your website or blog on Facebook is a great way to drive traffic, but you may not be getting the most out of your Facebook links. There are a lot of little things you probably don’t know that you can change about the way you’re posting. Hopefully, this quick little how-to video will help.