Email Marketing and Social Media

Hope you got a kick out of our prank. But no more fooling around! We promise useful content so we’ve brought you the content.

This week, how do social media and email interact? What can you do to improve your email marketing? And how effective is it even? All this and more addressed in this series of choice articles. Enjoy your weekend, folks.


HOW TO: Optimize Your Email Marketing for Social Media Results: In this Mashable article we’ve got some good tips and some impressive examples of companies using email as a lead in to their social media campaigns.

6 Common Email Marketing Mistakes: We all make mistakes, but these email marketing mistakes can and should be avoided at all costs if you want your brand to be trusted, liked, and effective.

How To Turn Your Email Into A Social Media Hub with Posterous: Have you heard of Posterous? A lot of people are using it for a lot of different reasons, one of its biggest attractions being the fact that you can post to over 20 different social media platforms from it by email. Need a hub? Is email where you spend most of your time? Check out Posterous.

Integrating Social Media Into Email Marketing: If the first article in this bunch was about using email to drive customers to your social media, this article is about using social media to drive people to your email campaigns. Which do you prefer? Let us know!

Email Marketing “Extraordinarily Effective”: A lot of people say e-mail is dead. A lot of people said disco was dead. They were probably right about that, but they’ll have a harder time proving the same for e-mail, and this article starts the conversation on why that is. The most likely truth, it argues, is that email integrated with social media efforts is likely to produce the best results.


So what’s your idea on it? Are you an e-mail fanboy? A social media militant? A centrist of the two? What works and what doesn’t–we wanna hear it.

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