1. More Than A Meme, But Also A Meme: The Death of Osama Bin Laden

    Last Sunday, President Obama officially announced (on TV and via a live stream online) the news that people had been tweeting about for over an hour: Osama Bin Laden had been located and killed by U.S. Military forces. Whatever your politics, the event was the single biggest landmark for social media to date, and everyone responded. Below we’ve collected the absolute best coverage of the event from a social media standpoint. If you have anything to glean from this response (other than that if you’re not on Twitter, you probably should be), we’d love to get the conversation going.


    How Social Media Reacted On Osama Bin Laden Death. We’ve been keeping up pretty darn well with these stories, and this has the best sum-up of how a variety of platforms were affected by the news, from Flickr to Youtube to search engines.

    Timeline: How News of Osama Bin Laden’s Death Unfolded on Twitter. Everyone knows Twitter is where it started. Mashable recounts how, piece by piece, second by second, the world came to know and respond to the monumental event.

    One Twitter User Reports Live From Osama Bin Laden Raid. And apparently he didn’t even know what he was in the middle of.

    “Osama Bin Laden is DEAD” Facebook Page Goes Viral. Over 150,000 likes in two hours.

    Foursquare Users Check Into Post-Osama Bin Laden World. You might be thinking, how could people check in to a thing like this? Well, they did.

    Google Maps Shows Where Osama Bin Laden Died. Even Google Maps is in on it! Quickly after the news was revealed, Google Maps was updated with an “Osama Bin Laden’s Compound” in norther Pakistan.


    Other Related Stories

    Osama/Obama Gaffes. And next-to-lastly, how not to do social media in a time of crisis. Lesson #1–do not report, under any circumstances, that the President has been killed.

    Players learning that social media needs to be used responsibly. You tweeted, she tweeted, we all tweeted. Let’s face it, not all of it was appropriate and you’d be a lucky one if you managed to squeeze by a Facebook political conversation unnoticed. But if you’re an NFL player, it’s hard to hide in the crowd. And Rashard Mendenhall of the Pittsburgh Steelers learned the hard way.

    Photo by ZUMA Press via Mother Nature Network (MNN).


  2. The Best of the Best In Social Media


    Really, does Old Spice ever do it wrong? In the spirit of great things, we’ve provided you with a plethora of advice from the best in practical form. I would like to note the tremendously fantastic use of video throughout these links (and the above, to be sure), so that’s a nudge in a direction we think you might be thankful for. Got questions about video? Let us know. Enjoy these highly entertaining, highly inspiring examples of organizations and businesses that just got it right. Now, it’s your turn. We believe in you!


    Pop Tarts Facebook Strategy To Connect With Teens Crazy Good For Business. So what did they do here? They knew their audience, they listened, they developed content to cater to their audience. And of course, made delicious Smores flavored pop tarts. Oh, childhood.

    5 Smart Social PR Campaigns to Learn From. While turning a profit or just being helpful is still prevalent in this domain, social PR is about a bit more, and these campaigns do some really fantastic things to make their relationships intimate, meaningful, and genuine.

    20 Awesome Facebook Fan Pages. Lip balm, candles, coffee, cupcakes, music, science. I mean, really. Take a look. There’s a lot to learn here, with a focus on doing fan pages right.

    Anal Warts and All, Denny’s Does Episodic Content Right. This might be the worst headline for an article ever, but here are some reasons to click through: Will Arnett, Sarah Silverman, Jason Bateman. See? Now it sounds fun. Give it a whirl, it’s a nice campaign.

    9 Companies Doing Social Media Right and Why. Shabam! Retailers, real estate, trucks, restaurants, games—and more. Not just facebook fan pages, but whole social media efforts. It’s all here with helpful insights to boot.

    Really, how could you resist?


  3. The Possibilities of Video Strategy

    Warm welcome, everybody. This week we’ve got some articles on the possibilities at your fingertips with video. And–a small treat.

    By now you know that video is ridiculously effective and can be easily shared throughout your social networks. People are much more likely to watch a good two minute video than to read your 5 page blog post, for instance. We’ve done some posts on video basics before, so what we have for you below are some articles that give a practical testament to the power of online video, along with the most recent ideas circulating in the video marketing world.

    If you’ve never done video or are slightly intimidated by it, you shouldn’t worry. If nothing else, use this information to make you think about your social strategies. Consider whether or not video is something you want to focus on.

    One note: So we thought it would be silly to have a post on video marketing without a video, but after searching Youtube for a quality video on the topic, we couldn’t find anything legitimate. So, we’re going with an example. And the best we could think of is, you guessed it, the new Old Spice videos. Gotta love ‘em. Video below.


    7 Video Opportunities You May Have Missed. Have you (1) made how to’s, (2) sought the big names, (3) thought of in-video sponsorship, (4) …?

    How Video Can Increase Mobile Site Conversion. Year of mobile. Year of mobile. Year of mobile. The mobile video attention span is shorter (consider fifteen to thirty second videos), which means less time for you and more time for the viewer on your mobile app, bringing them closer to making a purchase. This and other great ideas at the link.

    4 Innovative Ways to use Web Video For small Businesses. Four cool and slightly quirky examples of people doing catchy things with few resources.

    YouTube Facts: 10 things you may not have known. From Mashable, this is mostly a fun, historical kind of article about Youtube. Of particular note is the number of tweets a second that contain Youtube video links in them.

    YouTube tops Twitter, Facebook in User Satisfaction. From MarketingProfs, we have some way cool stats showing that people are more likely to recommend Youtube than any other social network.

    Got any questions? Get at us!




  4. [VIDEO] How To Optimize Your New Facebook Links

    Since Facebook has updated the Sharing options on profiles and fan pages, we’ve updated our popular how-to video on optimizing links in Facebook.


  5. Announcing Our Online Training Series: Social Media Loser to Power User

    Neovia Solutions is excited to announce our new online training course, Social Media Loser to Power User. Do you feel you’re falling behind in the new world of social media? Are you starting to notice your co-workers talking about Twitter and connecting on Linkedin? Are you afraid of becoming a dinosaur in the workforce? Never fear. In four weeks, we can can transform you from social media loser to power user. An essential course for anyone who wants to master social media.

    We’re bringing the expertise you’ve seen in our free how-to videos to a thorough tutorial on all the major social media platforms and sites. We’ve teamed up with Imagine More to bring ease and flexibility to our training course.

    Here’s a free peek at the first video in the series:

    What is Social Media Loser to Power User?

    Over the course of a month, you’ll learn all about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, email marketing, and YouTube, through a series of twenty 5-to-10-minute videos that take you through each platform and site, exposing you to the tools that the power users employ to make their social media use more effective and efficient.

    Social Media Loser to Power User Lessons

    Week One

    • Lesson One: Debunking Social Media Myths – Click here to see a sample lesson.
    • Lesson Two: Cracking Spacebook: Intro to Facebook
    • Lesson Three:  Facebook and You: Facebook Basics
    • Lesson Four: Finding Privacy on Facebook: Exploring Privacy Settings
    • Lesson Five: So Many Friends, So Little Time: Creating Lists & Blocking Applications

    Week Two

    • Lesson Six: A Place for Fans: Creating a Fan Page for Business
    • Lesson Seven: Measuring Facebook: A Look at Insights
    • Lesson Eight: Whatʼs a Tweeter? Intro to Twitter
    • Lesson Nine: Finding Your Way Around the Twittersphere: Twitter Basics
    • Lesson Ten: I Donʼt Care What You Had For Lunch: Hashtags, Filters, and Lists

    Week Three

    • Lesson Eleven: Big Kid Social Networks: Intro to LinkedIn
    • Lesson Twelve: CluedIn: LinkedIn Basics
    • Lesson Thirteen: Are You Referring To Me? Getting LinkedIn Recommendations
    • Lesson Fourteen: You Know A Lot: Using Answers to Spread Your Good Name
    • Lesson Fifteen: One Application to Rule Them All: Third-Party Applications & Cross-Posting

    Week Four

    • Lesson Sixteen: Getting Bloggy With It: Intro to Thought Leadership (i.e., Blogs)
    • Lesson Seventeen: The Facebook of Blog Platforms: A Tour of WordPress
    • Lesson Eighteen: The Holy Grail of Online Marketing: Intro to Email Marketing
    • Lesson Nineteen: Everyone Deserves a Banana: Meet MailChimp
    • Lesson Twenty: YourTube: Intro to YouTube

    How does Social Media Loser to Power User work?

    New enrollments are available to start on Mondays. Once you enroll, you’ll be sent the first video via email on the Monday start date you selected, as well as your login for the Imagine More site so you can view your video. For the next 20 business days, you’ll receive an email from us letting you know that your next video is ready to view.

    You can choose to watch your video once a day, at any time that is convenient for you, or you can watch a week’s worth in one sitting if you’d like. The team at Imagine More has purposely made it flexible to fit anyone’s schedule.

    How much is Social Media Loser to Power User?

    Just $99. To sign up or for more information, visit the course site here.


  6. [Video]: How to Add and Remove Fan Page Admins

    Removing admins from your Facebook fan page is simple.  We promise!


  7. The Homeless Network Conference

    Holly attended the Homeless Network Conference on October 6th here in Corpus Christi, speaking on a panel to representatives of non-profit organizations about the benefits of social media usage.

    The panel covered the following informative topics:

    • Demographic information guides you when choosing a social media platform for your business/non-profit
    • Build strong ties through Twitter – retweet, reply, join discussions!
    • Social networking and fund raising go hand in hand
    • Crowd sourcing support through social media: provides solutions to clients
    • Create an editorial calendar when blogging – it will keep you organized and on track when posting
    • Social media equity: spread the word about your friends’ projects and they may do the same for you

    As you can see, non-profits can benefit from social media in much the same way that small businesses can.

    Be sure to check out Holly speaking about different online tools non-profits can use to reach their target demographic:


  8. Social Media Panel for The Homeless Network

    Holly spoke with employees of various non-profits today to discuss ways social media usage can shine a spotlight on their causes.  Here she is discussing what Neovia Solutions does for clients:


  9. [VIDEO] How To: Schedule Fan Page Updates Using Hootsuite

    HootSuite is a wonderful application that allows you to update and manage multiple social media accounts all in one place. It does a lot of neat tricks, but our favorite has to be allowing us to schedule updates to our Facebook fan page. Once you’ve linked your Facebook account and fan pages, you’re ready to try this. Watch our simple how-to video below to see how you can save time by scheduling all of your updates to Facebook in one sitting. Another plus: You get the consistency of a regularly updated fan page without worrying about remembering to post every day.


  10. [VIDEO] How To: Optimize Your Facebook Links

    Posting links to your website or blog on Facebook is a great way to drive traffic, but you may not be getting the most out of your Facebook links. There are a lot of little things you probably don’t know that you can change about the way you’re posting. Hopefully, this quick little how-to video will help.