1. Social Media Roundup 11.12.10: Email, The New Frontier

    The new frontier of email in social media.Email, it’s easy, no?  Send out a few lines and a picture attachment and all of a sudden Aunt Susie and Uncle Bill feel as if they actually attended little Timmy’s soccer game.  As far as growing familial relationships is concerned, email is the go to platform, especially if your relatives aren’t up to speed on Facebook yet.

    But interestingly enough, email also plays an important role when carefully crafting budding business relationships.  People take you seriously when they receive an email campaign that is well thought out, organized and is easy on the eyes, so to speak.  And there are plenty of ways to achieve these types of results in the new frontier of email correspondence.

    Find out what you need to be doing to make your business emails dazzle your current and potential clients in the following articles.  And be sure to visit us every Friday for our Social Media Roundup!

    Conquering the New Frontier of Email Correspondence

    How to Identify Brand Loyalists on Your Email List This author notes that there are three types of people who receive your emails: those that love you, those that like you, and those that are sticking around just because they can.  Find out how to identify those loyal to your brand in order to craft emails to their liking.

    5 Ways to Turn Email Newsletters into Valuable Customer Insights You may think sending out an email newsletter to clients is a piece of cake but you can move beyond the “simply press send” mentality and learn new ways to test how well your message is being received.

    Why and How you Should be Using Triggered Email, Part 1 Sending out targeted emails to a specific consumer at a specific time has been proven to be more effective then sending out broadcast emails.  Learn how to use this tool to become an email rock star!

    Online Advertising: How to do it Right Email plays an important role in your overall online marketing strategy.  Learn what a “solo” email is and how it can be effective.

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  2. Social Media Roundup 11.5.10: Let the Online World Work for You, Not Against You

    Most people don’t question the necessity of social media in their every day lives but there are a few that are hankering for the days of family game night rather than succumbing to a riveting game of Farmville.  And this is understandable.  There are times when the online world seems vacuous or sometimes even intimidating and many would-be users are too scared to enter a space where faux paxs  are not only witnessed by millions but are never, ever forgotten.  Checkers by comparison is smooth sailing.

    But have hope.  Social media doesn’t have to consume your life if you don’t let it and can be very beneficial for your business and also for your family relationships and friendships.  Would any of us be privy to the fact that our best friend from preschool is getting her second Masters degree in neuroscience if it weren’t for Facebook?  Probably not.

    Let social media work for you, not against you.  Check out the links below to reignite your love for all things online and print out a copy for Aunt Mary who thinks your laptop is a giant adding machine while you’re at it.

    Reignite Your Love for Social Media

    Engage or Die: The Future of Social Media? Think social media is not for you?  Well, according to this video, social media is for everybody!  Learn how engaging online is important for local businesses and how social constructs are ever evolving.

    The Future of Social Media is Real
    This author makes an interesting point: once the social media hype dies down a new future will unfold, one where online socialization will greater enforce our face to face engagements.

    Donate Your Status to Show Support for the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of the U.S. Think Facebook is nothing but a brain drain?  For Veteran’s Day, the social networking site is offering a special app that will allow you to turn over your status update to become part of an “online” march to support those who have fought for our country.  It’s not all about Mafia Wars.  Promise.

    Facebook Encourages Americans to Vote Facebook helps you remember to do things in your day to day life, like voting.  If that’s not helpful and absolutely necessary then I don’t know what is.

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  3. Social Media Roundup 10.29.10: Facebook and You

    We all use it.  Chances are even your grandmother does.  So what are the latest trends in Facebook consumption?

    Browse the links in this week’s Social Media Roundup to learn a little more about everyone’s favorite social  network.

    Be on the lookout every week for news, tips from pros, reviews, emerging technology, and a whole bundle of thought-provoking articles on this ever-developing, exciting world of social media.


    Survey: Large Number of Parents Spy On Their Children On Facebook A recent survey finds that parents would like the right to actively monitor their child’s Facebook page and many already do without their child’s consent.

    Is A Facebook Events RSVP Widget Imminent?
    Life could possibly get easier for all you Facebook party planners.  With the possible launch of a Facebook Events RSVP widget, you could write a post about an upcoming party and embed an “RSVP now” button in no time at all.

    REPORT: Facebook Fans Are Big Brand Advocates If you “like” a brand on Facebook, chances are you’re more likely to use that brand’s products.  How’s that for smart advertising?

    How To Hide Your Facebook Application Activity From Others Application discovery stories could air your dirty laundry without your knowledge.  Find out what they are and what you can do about them.

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  4. Social Media Roundup 10.22.10: Blogging the Right Way

    The weekend is upon us and it’s time to a look at a couple of links that teach us all the right way to blog.

    A right way to blog?  But isn’t a blog simply a platform to air out your grievances, talk about your day and complain about that guy who cut you off in traffic?  Not if you want to maintain an audience and promote your business.  Read the following articles and learn how to become one with the blogging world.

    Be on the lookout every week for news, tips from pros, reviews, emerging technology, and a whole bundle of thought-provoking articles on this ever-developing, exciting world of social media.


    5 Clever Ways to Make A Sticky Blog Blogging is an experience that goes beyond a simple post especially if you wish to create a “sticky” blog.  Learn ways to integrate vlogging, pictures, conversation and interlinked posts to give your readers something to talk about.

    4 Tips for Writing SEO-Friendly Blog Posts
    Tailor your posts so that the Google gods smile upon you!  Tagging, titles and linking are key if you want Google to rank your site highly.

    10 Free WordPress Themes for Small Business One of the main keys to blogging is offering your readers an attractive and easily navigable set up.  Check out these free WordPress themes to promote your work.

    How To Reignite Your Blogging Fire When You’re Feeling Burnt Out Even when you’re doing everything right, it’s bound to happen: the sudden feeling that blogging is draining your creativity dry.  Follow these steps to get your blog back on track.

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  5. Social Media Roundup 10.18.10: Location, Location, Location!

    Happy Monday readers!

    We all know how important location is in the real estate biz but what about social media?

    With the advent of Facebook places and the popularity of sites like Foursquare.com, checkins seem to be the norm and divulging your location online is often a no-brainer.  But what does this new form of online socializing really mean for the every day user and, for that matter, the every day business?

    Be on the lookout every week for news, tips from pros, reviews, emerging technology, and a whole bundle of thought-provoking articles on this ever-developing, exciting world of social media.


    5 Important New Trends in Location Location trends are influencing consumer adoption and inspiring developer creativity.  But what do they mean for the average social media user?

    What Facebook Places Means for Marketers and Developers
    Locations are center stage with the creation of Facebook pages for newly “found” places and new apps that lists frequented businesses.  Plenty of opportunities for small businesses to get on the map.

    5 New Ways Small Business Can Offer Location-Based Deals With the increase of checkins on sites like Foursquare.com, businesses are now able to reward local patrons for their loyalty.

    Beyond Foursquare: 5 Location-Based Apps for Your Small Business Is your business new to location based campaigns?  Check out the apps that will make you a pro in no time.

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  6. Social Media Roundup 10.11.10: Stay Ahead of the Competition

    Make sure your business "wins" the social media game.

    With businesses, small and large alike, using social media as their own personal playground, who can possibly get ahead of the pack?

    The articles in this week’s round up will teach you how to play the social media game and beat out your competitors while still satisfying your customer base.

    Be on the lookout every week for news, tips from pros, reviews, emerging technology, and a whole bundle of thought-provoking articles on this ever-developing, exciting world of social media.

    Game Winning Strategies

    Use Social Media to Build Buzz for Your Business Initiating conversations with potential consumers can help you get a leg up on the competition.  Just remember to keep your customers happy!

    How Businesses are Unleashing Their Employees’ Social Media Potential
    Get your employees in on the game: allow them to make use of social media to solve customer problems.

    What Does Google Instant Mean for Your SEO Strategy?
    Don’t get discouraged by Google Instant.  Continue to focus on your SEO strategy to keep your competitors from stealing your customers.

    Social Media Marketing: What Happens When the Person Doing Your Social Media is Gone? Draft up a social media policy in case your main social media person is not around. This way, the momentum you’ve already gained on different social media platforms won’t go to waste and neither will your efforts to keep ahead of your competition.

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  7. Social Media Roundup 10.4.10: Tools of the Trade

    Hello everyone!  Let’s kick start October by narrowing down the best tools businesses can utilize to increase company profit.  From books to mobile devices to office work spaces, there are a variety of ways businesses can positively influence their employees and increase productivity.  And we could all use a little more help when it comes to being productive.  More coffee anyone?

    Be on the lookout every week for news, tips from pros, reviews, emerging technology, and a whole bundle of thought-provoking articles on this ever-developing, exciting world of social media.


    10 Social Media Books Every Small Business Owner Should Read Research is key when it comes to breaking the social media code and its ever expanding definition. Check out the books that will get you caught up to speed in no time fast.

    10 Inspiring Non-Traditional Workspaces [PICS]
    . Tired of the usual drab cubicle and looking for a space that inspires your business vision? This article gives you alternatives.

    10 Ways to Use Mobile Devices to Run Your Business Having the ability to operate from any location is key for a business to be successful. Learn the different ways a mobile device can get your business ahead.

    10 Dead Simple Gmail Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts Email is a necessary tool whether its used for business or used personally. Get the most out of your Gmail experience and learn how it can make networking that much easier.

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  8. Social Media Roundup 9.27.10: How Small Business Can Profit From Social Media

    Hello everyone! This week’s round-up features links pertaining to small business and its place in the ever growing world of social media marketing. Long gone are the days of gaining a clientele exclusively through the tactile means of paper advertisements, billboards and the like. Tangibility has now been redefined to encompass the seemingly elusive nature of the online world.  The following articles help small business owners grasp social marketing’s new definition.

    Be on the lookout every week for news, tips from pros, reviews, emerging technology, and a whole bundle of thought-provoking articles on this ever-developing, exciting world of social media.

    Small Business

    Got Social Strategy? A business’s social strategy is necessary but is only worthwhile if coupled with an efficient activation plan.

    How to Create Social Media Business Guidelines Explains why social media guidelines are important to businesses and offers models small businesses can put into practice.

    How to Network to Increase Sales Small business should network with a goal in mind, that goal often being increasing sales.  Here is a step by step guide to increase sales through the use of social platforms.

    Facebook Questions: A New Opportunity for Small Business? Facebook’s new Q&A product could be an effective way for small businesses to engage with new and current customers.

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  9. Social Media Roundup 8.30.10: All About Sharing, Plus One

    It’s the beginning of another week, and the end of the last summer month. We here in Texas are praying for the swift return of cool weather, but here are a few articles worth sharing while we wait.

    And sharing is the name of this week’s game. Sharing widgets, sharing buttons, sharing testimonials, sharing information. Plus one article that isn’t quite like the others, but needed to be shared as well.


    How to Boost Site Traffic with Social Media – Social media has helped businesses of all sizes expand their audiences. Here’s how social nets can help boost the number of visitors you draw.

    5 Ways to Encourage People to Share Your Content – You spend hours creating linkable blog posts, valuable resources and juicy articles all so that your customers will find something to dig into and engage with. You know that producing great content is one powerful way of increasing your own authority. But you don’t want the interaction to just stop there.

    How Social Sharing is Working for SMBs – Unconvinced that “unproven” social media marketing tactics will benefit your small- or medium-sized business? Get the facts on why you can no longer afford to be anti-social.

    5 Ways to Get Rockin’ Reviews – Getting reviews and testimonials on a routine basis takes a proactive and committed approach if you are going to generate them on a consistent basis and still generate them authentically. (Fake or over the top review generation campaigns can actually produce negative results.) Here are five ways you can look at systematically creating reviews.

    Plus One

    3 Steps to Make Your Vision Work for You – Visionaries see things that are invisible to most people; ideas far beyond the “norm” that sing with creativity and thirst to be born.  How could you ever put something like that effectively into words? Sure, it’s great to have written statements in your formal business plan for others to see, but what about having a vision statement that resonates with YOU? Follow these 3 simple steps to take your vision to the next level.

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