Social Media Roundup 1.14.10- Multi-Platform Tips and Social Models

Howdy, everyone. Welcome back to the roundup!

This week we’re giving you some content for some of the key social media outlets–Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and general blogging tips. In addition, this week we’re presenting you with some additional tools, including a list of 40 not-too-shabby articles, followed by two successful models from which we thought you might want to draw some inspiration.

So be on the lookout every week for news, tips from pros, reviews, emerging technology, and a whole bundle of thought-provoking articles on this ever-developing, exciting world of social media.

Tips on the Big Ones.

LinkedIn: 5 Ways to Use LinkedIn Groups to Build Influential Connections—In a social network of professionals, it’s incredibly useful to become a positive personality, and to continually add value to those in your field. But it can be an intimidating task. This article gets past a few of those apprehensions and makes getting started that much easier.

Blog: A Look into the 2010 State of the Blogosphere Report by Technorati—This is an interesting review of blog activity in 2010. Of particular note is the rise of the mom blogger, which could be an important fact for businesses to come to recognize.

Twitter: Twitter For Brands: 6 Winning Strategies To Learn From—At the core of successful twitter campaigns is always a personality, which is something that should stick with you. That said, building on this fact can really do some social media wonders, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Facebook: 5 Creative Facebook Places Marketing Campaigns—Geolocation is in. But while we often see Foursquare campaigns take off, it’s not as often we see Places campaigns do the same (take a look at that University of Kentucky campaign–great, great stuff!). Let it be a lesson, I suppose. All of these tools can be powerful ones if you’ve got the right person, mindset behind the wheel. So we encourage taking a look at this one.

Then secondly…

More Resources.

40 New Social Media Resources You May Have Missed: Yep, 40 of them. You’ll see some repeats of things we’ve already posted, but if you’ve got the itch to learn, learn, learn, Mashable’s divided up the articles for your convenience.

And thirdly…


How the NCAA Stays On Top of the Social Media Game—This story illustrates the usefullness and rational behind having a social media policy. After some of the trouble we’ve seen professional athletes get themselves in through Twitter and other outlets, it’s no surprise the NCAA attempt to regulate social media use to keep a level playing field for recruitment.

Disney: Doing Social Right: Disney is adding 5 million fans a week to their array of 200 Facebook pages. We know. It’s hard to compete with Disney. But if you can’t beat ‘em, “like” ‘em, and find out what they’re doing right (which seems to be quite a bit).

Image by Roman Gonzalez. Base photo from glasgows of flickr.


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