Social Media Roundup 01.21.11: What You Need To Know About LinkedIn

Howdy ho, folks. This week’s roundup focuses on an often peripherally noted and somewhat understated social media icon: LinkedIn. So we’ve assembled a useful package of information on this fantastic professional networking site and what it can do for you, should you choose to use it. Go ahead, see how you like it.

First off, what’s LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a social networking website for professionals. LinkedIn is great for B2B marketing, job searching, establishing your credibility in your field, and generating leads for your business through building meaningful and helpful professional relationships and communities. On it’s face level, it can also be your professional calling card.

The links below should tell you more about some LinkedIn tools, including the Resume Builder, LinkedIn Answers (where you can ask industry leaders questions), the Job Finder, LinkedIn Groups, and more.

We’ve said in our seminars before, it can be tough—with all these social media options, each taking time—to decide what social venue is best for you. So you’ll rarely hear us say you need a LinkedIn.  But you’ll never hear us say it would hurt. Remember, strategy first.


What It Can Help You Do

Learn How To Get New Clients From LinkedIn [VIDEO]: This is a short, four minute video that talks about some of the main features of LinkedIn and building up a professional profile. It’s pretty informative if you’re starting out and has some good tips for generating new clients.

Why LinkedIn Is High Octane Fuel For Job Searching: Whether you’re an employer or a potential employee, it’s important

Recruiting Employees Through LinkedIn: But if you are an employer, here are some advantages to recruiting through LinkedIn, if you’re not already.

How To Make LinkedIn Answers Part of Your Routine: LinkedIn Answers is a unique opportunity to show off (in good taste) your expertise to other industry professionals and create a name for yourself in a community. But these kinds of things can be hard to pick up–they take time. This article suggests some ways to make LinkedIn answers routine, and increase your chances of lead generation or possibly employment.

Resume Builder Takes The Hassle Out of Updating Your Resume: One of the most convenient tools on LinkedIn, they have a smart Resume Builder that allows you what information from your profile goes onto your resume, and in what style.

How To Do It

LinkedIn Top Tips To Improve Your Profile: So you may have a LinkedIn, but it’s not much use if you’re at 10% completion and your information is bare. Having a strong profile is like having a strong first impression–it can make or break you.

26 Tips To Enhance Your Experience On LinkedIn: This is additional material building off the above link for getting the most out of LinkedIn.

8 Tips For Managing a LinkedIn Group: LinkedIn Groups are one of the most powerful and convenient tools from LinkedIn, because you create niche, sometimes exclusive groups of professionals. If you don’t find the one you want, you create it and, with due follow-through, become a leader in this new community you’ve started. Here are some management tips.


And finally, we have this helpful “LinkedIn” for dummies video that really hits the basics of LinkedIn. Did these links help? What else would you like to know? Show us some love in the comments section and we’ll talk back. We promise.




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